The current environment has impacted our education system drastically, causing many parents to wonder what that means for their child’s education this coming school year. 

Beginning early September, Capitol Teachers will be providing customized learning plans taught by teachers that will support and extend academics during distance learning and/or a hybrid model. 

Sign up with a grade-level pod (2 - 4 students) for 2- 8 hours of instruction per week. Our teachers will tailor instruction for your pod using grade-level standards and/or guidance from your school district. Space is limited.  Reserve your spot today!


Families, Getting Started is Easy!

1) Form a pod of 2 - 5 students within a grade level

2) Choose your subject area(s): reading, writing, math, and/or other subjects (please specify).

3) Choose the number of hours per week: 2 - 8 hours. 

4) Choose a virtual, in-person, or hybrid model.

*All kids in the pod must participate in the same amount of hours per week and the same subject area(s).

*All subjects are taught in one-hour durations.


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