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AP Calculus Exam Preparation
Capitol Teachers is offering an 8-week virtual AP Calculus exam preparation course with AP Calculus teachers

The AP Caluculs exam is on Monday, May 13th, and will cover 8 units.  


This course will review one unit each week:*

Week 1: (March 18th)  - Unit 1 : Limits and Continuity 

Week 2:  (March 25) - Unit 2: Differentiation (Basic Rules)

Week 3: (April 1st) - Unit 3: Differentiation (Composite and Implicit) 

Week 4: (April 8th) - Unit 4 : Contextual application of differentiation 

Week 5: (April 15th) - Unit 5: Analytical application of differentiation 

Week 6: - (April 22nd)  - Unit 6: Integration 

Week 7: - (April 29th) - Unit 7: Differential equations 

Week 8: - (May 6th) - Unit 8: Applications of Integration


*Sign up for the full eight weeks, or pick and choose week(s) to attend


In addition to reviewing necessary skills, students will learn exactly how to earn points on the exam and how free response questions are scored


Classes are held virtually on Wednesday and Thursday evenings 


Each class is limited to 4 students

Contact us for pricing and scheduling


We offer 1:1 test preparation as well! Contact us for more information.

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